Inbound Marketing Myths

July 21, 2016

by Shannon Shields

It seems like we hear the words "Inbound Marketing" almost every day lately. The practice ofinbound marketing continues to grow year over year simply because of its effectiveness in countless industries, and its measurable ROI.

With exciting statisticsshared regularly, it's easy to make assumptions about it, but do you know the truth?

Here are 5 common myths (and truths) about inbound marketing that you should know:

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Call-To-Action (CTA) Tips for Successful Inbound Marketing

July 19, 2016

by Shannon Shields

Are you using a Call-To-Action (CTA) on every page of your website or blog entry? If no, today is your lucky day; the day you learn about the power of CTA's and how to create and place them effectively for successful inbound marketing.Yay!

A Call-To-Action in the most literal description is simply a "call" to the audience to take a specific "action" while visiting your website or social channel. Usually, it is an image or button placed strategically on your website that instructs, or entices the audience to take an action that benefits both them and your business. The action could be anything that you believe will be desired by your audience: a newsletter subscription, a free ebook or workshop, or even a simple discount offer or coupon.

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Online Marketing: 5 Steps to an Optimized Facebook Business Page

July 14, 2016

by Shannon Shields

Whether you consider yourself an experienced Facebook Business Page user or you're just getting started with your first business page, it's important ensure that all your information is up to date and optimized. An optimized Facebook Business Page will ensure that your business is able to maximize the potential to attract and connect with possible leads and increase your online marketing ROI.

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Online Marketing: 9 Twitter Lead Generation Tips

July 12, 2016

by Shannon Shields

Are you using Twitter to its full potential as a lead generation tool? We all know that social media is a key component of any online marketing strategy, and with 310,000,000 active monthly users Twitter is a great place to collect contacts and leads.

Here's are 9 Twitter lead generation tips that will help you make the most of your online marketing efforts:

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How to Increase Your Social Media Content Engagement

July 07, 2016

By Shannon Shields

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8 Places to Use Long-Tail Keywords in Your Website

July 05, 2016

by Shannon Shields

 Inserting long-tail keywords in key places on your website will greately improve your your SEO rankings on Google. For that reason, the practice of inlcuding these long-tail keywords is a majour part of any successful inbound marketing strategy.   

With this SlideShare, discover the 8 key places to insert long-tail keywords throughout your website:

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Use Social Media Content Schedules for Better Online marketing.

June 30, 2016

By Heather Gillis

Do you create a content schedule to plan your social media posts in advance?

Every business should be using a social media content schedule in their online marketing strategy. Here are few reasons why your business should use a social media content schedule.

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8 Video Marketing Tips for Business Growth

June 28, 2016

by Shannon Shields

Have you watched your first Facebook Live event yet? Last week, Buzzfeed hosted a live video event where more than 100,000 viewers watched in real time as the team took turns blowing up a giant balloon full of talcum powder until it popped. (For the record, it more than a half an hour.)

In that half an hour there were more than 80,000 comments, thousands of shares, and in the past 4 days, more than 4 million people have viewed the video.

While live video on social media is fairly new and exciting, video marketing online is not a new concept. Video marketing has, however been growing in popularity at high speeds over the last few years. Which of course, means that including video marketing in your content marketing strategy is vital to the success of businesses everywhere.

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8 Blog Content Ideas for Inbound Marketing

June 23, 2016

By: Shannon Shields

Blogging is an important piece of the inbound marketing process as it's an effective way to reach your audience on a consistent basis. By offering information that is relevant to a potential client or customer, you are working to build a relationship between them and your business.

The key is that the more you blog, the more likely you are to reach that audience.

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Franchise Online Marketing: A Mobile-Friendly Customer Experience

June 20, 2016

by Frances Leary

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