Successful Video Marketing: YouTube and Beyond

June 02, 2011

Clearly the first step in successful video marketing is actually making a video, either on your own web camera, a digital camera or a digital video camera.

When making your video, you can...

  • Review other business related topics
  • Share your knowledge on a business-related topic
  • Share your experience with a business partner or tool you have used
  • The list goes on and on... get creative! The possibilities are endless!

Your video should be between 1 and 7 minutes. 10 minutes is the MAX. YouTube will not except video's over 10 minutes.

After you make your video, you need to upload it to your YouTube account, which is free to set up.

Part 1: Using Keywords For Successful Video Marketing

When you upload your video, you will have to create a "description" box, or an "about this video" description.

When adding your "description", Implement these in the following order...

(This is very important)

First, type in your website.

Second, on the next line after your website address, write a few paragraphs describing your video. What is it about? What are you going to cover? What are you helping the viewer find out? What problem are you attempting to help them solve?

Third, after your description, add your whole related keyword list. This can be as long as it needs to be.

Keyword phrases should be specific and targeted (accountant, for example, would not be an effective keyword phrase by itself, but Halifax accountant or certified accountant in Halifax would be).

After your video is published to You Tube, you may publish the same video to countless other video sites across the web!

Just perform a search on Google for "Video Submission Sites." We like an online submission site called TubeMogul because it will distribute your video to multiple online sites at one time. It is also a free service.

That's it... just remember to be consistent with getting new content and videos uploaded to the web as often as possible. This will dramatically increase your exposure!

We recommend that you do a recording session during which you record multiple videos so you have your videos ready to post each day and don't actually have to do the recording every day. This just saves time and makes it more likely that you will actually post videos frequently.