Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile: Enhancing Your Profile Box

October 10, 2011


LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform on the Internet today. It has over 100 million users, and it provides a wealth of resources to help professionals connect and grow their businesses.

Often when someone visits your LinkedIn profile, they only go so far as the “profile box.” If the information you have in that box is captivating and does its job effectively, then viewers of your profile will be more inclined to scroll down further and find out more about you.

Here are a few tips to help improve your profile box in order to enhance your LinkedIn profile.

Professional Headline

First, you need to have a headline that is professional and impressive. This is your first chance to grab the attention of the visitors to your profile. Your headline should say more than just who you are. It should offer a brief description using keywords that speak to your target market. Use terms your target market will actually search for on LinkedIn. Using these keywords will help users find your profile when they search for what you have to offer. Your words are limited, so choose wisely!


Second, your photograph must be professional…and you MUST have one. It’s interesting to see how many people actually create LinkedIn profiles and then don’t add a photo. Seriously? Who wants to do business with a “faceless” business person? Make sure your photo is a good quality headshot. Leave the goofball photos for Facebook.

Current Position

When describing your current work position, it’s important to use keywords here as well. This will make you easier to find plus it explains what you do much more quickly. No one knows what Owner at Company name means, but when you include a brief description as part of your title it creates that aha moment so that visitors to your profile actually know what you do! Make sure you have a current position listed as well as at least one or two relevant past positions in order to build up your credibility and establish your expertise.


Education is one of the easiest ways to connect with people, so by not completing your education information you’re missing out on potential connections. We recommend listing your university and high school information. How much detail you go into is up to you.

Website Listings

When you list your websites, do not leave the default “Company Website” as the hyperlinked text. Instead, choose “other” and actually write the name or your website. Remember, your company name is a keyword also and you’re striving to brand you and your company more. This also makes it more personal and creates a stronger connection with the visitors to your profile.

Twitter Link

Why should you include a link to your Twitter profile? Well, it’s an easy way to enable visitors to your profile to immediately become your Twitter followers as well. You have options whether to have your LinkedIn posts tweeted all the time or not. Either way, there’s no reason not to include a link to your Twitter profile – it just leads to more exposure for you.

Public Profile URL

Instead of using the long, nasty link that is automatically generated by LinkedIn, you have an option to personalize your LinkedIn URL. We highly recommend that you do this. It brands you more plus it makes it easier to share your link with others.

Have some fun and take the time to make your profile uniquely yours. It will translate into more connections, more recommendations and more business coming your way.