Start a Conversation with Social Media

December 02, 2013

Join-The-Conversation_2What is Social Media?

Truly it is many things, and it begins as a conversation.

It may be one-way, two-way or have many participants...any way you frame it, social media is a conversation.

It may be a boring one, an exciting one, one that people want to participate in or one that they want to leave. It may be heartwarming or funny or irritating or off-putting. It may have real meaning or it may reflect no depth at all.

When you look at social media as a conversation, it's a way truly to connect with people. It's an opportunity to extend your hand for a handshake in the virtual world.

It’s about building relationships. Our social conversations give companies the chance to connect with people and do business all over the world, if they want to.

These conversations allow us to share ourselves and get to know others. about sharing yourself and getting to know others. These conversations are real, and the relationships they build can be strong and exist without borders.

So, the crucial question then becomes...

As a company, what type of conversation do you want to start with your social engagement?

Do you want to "talk at" your audience with one-way communication? you want to find a way to communicate more meaningfully and develop deep, trusting relationships?

Your audience is listening. Start the conversation.