Soulcial Media - The Wired Flare Approach

March 10, 2014

What is soulcial media? To put it simply, it's inspired soulful communication on social networks. It infuses the deepest essence of a company's values with the techniques of online communication for business growth.

This infusion of soul into online communication is truly nothing short of magic. The conversations it produces online are deep, real, meaningful…and profitable in every sense of the word.

Why? Because the right audiences are reached at a deeper level and they gain a deeper understanding of how what you offer can benefit them.

At Wired Flare we use the process of Soulcial Media engagement in all of our online communication. We don't believe that social engagement is "work" - it's an extension of who we are and who you are.

Effective social media communication isn't about techniques, technologies and strategies. It's about sharing your true company core with your audience. It's about telling your story...the real one.

Our president, Frances Leary, first identified what she came to call soulcial media about a year ago after, for lack of a better term, losing the company's soul. Here she tells the story:

I built Wired Flare on the foundation that business is part of life, completely intertwined with all that we are. At Wired Flare, this is our core, this is how we communicate for ourselves and on behalf of our clients.

However, as we grew and had a larger marketing team, we became so focused on the techniques, the strategy and the production of results…that we lost sight of what was most important. For lack of a better explanation, we lost our soul, at least the soulful part of our online communication.

The hardest part is that I allowed it to happen, and because of it business suffered. We were stagnant, which as I look at it now, makes total sense.

How can business grow without its soul?

At first I didn’t realize fully what was happening. I recognized a problem and fixed it the only way I knew would work – I started handling the core parts of social media marketing myself. And the results were amazing. My soul was in it, and it showed.

However I couldn’t keep doing all that and run the rest of my business too. So, why if I could do it, couldn’t my team do the same?

Then one day it hit me.

It dawned on me the key difference between my marketing and that of my team. Mine had soul. My soul, the souls of my clients, all connected and part of each other. However…I hadn’t taught my team how to put the soul in their marketing, too. They had the talent and the skills. They knew the techniques and the strategies. None of that was enough. Their souls weren’t in it, and they didn’t know how to put their souls in it. They didn’t know and I hadn’t taught them.

OUCH! Now THAT was a huge awakening.

Once I realized the problem, I also knew the solution…The solution is what I now call Soulcial Media Marketing. I needed first to hire a marketing team that also shared my core values of business as intertwined with all of life. Then I needed to share my soulful engagement process with them and establish it as the foundation of our business growth.

So I did. We cleaned house, started building a new team, and put the soul into everything we were doing. Wow, what a difference it has made.

So many businesses struggle with social media because they see it as a chore…as tedious, time-consuming and just plain hard word.

That's just plain nonsense. Social media takes time and effort, yes. However, when at its core is simply being real and baring your soul to your audience, it's not work at all.

Jump on board the soulcial train. You won't be sorry you did.