What Makes Wired Flare Unique

September 20, 2015

B the Change - Wired Flare

Part of what we do with each of our clients is to identify what sets them apart from their "competition" - what makes them totally unique.

Helping our clients do that begins with going through that process for ourselves. What really sets us apart from our "competition"?

The truth is that we don’t actually have any direct competitors that specialize in impact-based and value-driven content marketing and social media management. With so many other social media and marketing agencies, none other delivers service the same way we do.

What we do is about much more than helping our clients make money…it’s about getting to the core of why they do what they do and helping them achieve their end goals. Those end goals, the visions, the ultimate impact on the world that our collective stories make…that’s what it’s truly all about, and there’s no other social media company in Canada telling stories like that.

We are also the only Canadian social media company to date that has become a certified B Corporation, and this gives us a competitive edge because the certification tells other organizations out there that we are who we say we are and we do what we say we do. It’s not just all talk.

We are also one of the only online communication firms in Canada that specializes in working with franchises, which have unique needs because they must market globally and locally, maintaining brand consistency while also creating local relationships. We are members of the Canadian Franchise Association and have become known and respected in the franchise industry, working with franchises across Canada and the United States.

Once we really start looking at who we are at the core...it turns out there really isn't anyone else just like us out there anywhere. Likely, once you really start looking, you'll find the same to be true for your organization.

If you're interested...we'd love to help you find out just what makes you unique. Contact Us anytime.