Claiming Your Business on Google My Business (Google Plus)

October 15, 2015


Heather Gillis

by Heather Gillis

Is your business on Google with a Google My Business (formerly Google Plus) page? If not, it should be. In fact, here’s the thing – you may actually have a Google My Business listing but not even know it yet, so you need to find out.

Sometimes Google creates a business page with information Google has pulled from a company’s website or from a listing in a directory such as Yellow Pages. This auto-generated page can have minimal information and no photos, and it can make it look like a business doesn’t really care about their online presence. In other words, it can actually do more damage than good.

This is why it’s important for you to do a search for your company on Google to see what results come up, especially on Google maps, as this is the information people will pull up in search and on mobile search when looking for your business.

If you already have a Google page, it’s still important for you to find out what your page looks like in a Google search and where it shows up. For example, look for the page rank on Google and Google maps, and check to see if any images or reviews appear.

It’s really important to make sure there are not any duplicate Google My Business pages for your business, as this can cause confusion for any potential customer or client looking for your business. It can also make it more difficult for your business to rank properly in Google search results.

It is very important to manage the Google My Business page for your business, as it provides great insights on how many people are seeing the page and the posts to the page, and it allows you to respond to client comments and reviews.

Here’s how to find your Business on Google.

  • Begin with a Google Search for your company.
  • Take note of where your website comes up organically in a Google search. If your business is not on the 1st page, go page by page to find out which page it’s on.
  • Find out if your page shows up in Google Maps.
  • If you do not manage the page you find, keep following the steps to begin managing it and optimizing it for search.
  • Sign in your Google Account
  • Select Google My Business
  • Go to Pages then select “Add a location.” This is located in the bottom right corner. Select the “+” sign in the bottom right corner and then select “Add a location”.


  • Once you select “Add a location”, enter in your business name or address.


  • The business page you found in your original search will come up. Select the business that matches your company’s name and address. It will take you to a new page that will confirm the information about your business, and then you will have access to the page.
  • If you didn’t find your business on Google, you will need to get your page on Google. Select ‘none of these match’. It will take you to a new page where you will create a page to get your business on Google.



  • Once you manage the page, optimize the page with description, website links and photos that reflect your company’s brand.
  • After that you will need to verify the Google My Business page so Google recognises your business as legitimate. A post card will be sent to your location within a few weeks, and it will have a pin number for you to use to verify your page.

Once that is done, your business is officially on Google. Now you can start posting content, engaging with your customers and building up reviews.

Make sure to connect with Wired Flare on Google Plus, too.

Happy Googling.