8 Blog Content Ideas for Inbound Marketing

June 23, 2016


Shannon_sticker_basic-e1445283460113-288x300.pngBy: Shannon Shields

Blogging is an important piece of the inbound marketing process as it's an effective way to reach your audience on a consistent basis. By offering information that is relevant to a potential client or customer, you are working to build a relationship between them and your business.

The key is that the more you blog, the more likely you are to reach that audience.

Naturally, the tricky part withblogging for inbound marketing is the ability to come up with fresh topics or different ways to deliver information multiple times a week. You want them to return for more, after all. While writing relevant text blogs is a great start, it's also a good idea to include other forms of content in your blogging space.

Here are some blog content ideas that you can use to keep your audience coming back for more:

  1. Shoot a Video
    If you're not using video as a component of your content marketing strategy then you're missing out! Video is arguably the most popular medium among social users. You can create a video with just your phone and post it on YouTube to imbed on your blog. Pick a topic that is relevant to your audience, list some key points before you start, and give it a try.
  2. Infographic
    These can be so fun because they are often very creative. Because Infographics have much less text and more visuals than a text blog, they are easy for the reader to digest. Also, they are often more concise and get right to the point, which means that your key points are more likely to be received.
  3. SlideShare
    Creating a SlideShare is a great way to share tips, quotes, and so much more. SlideShares are created using PowerPoint and can also be embedded into your blog so that your audience isn't directed away from your website. Like Infographics, they are easy for readers to consume if you keep the text to a minimum.
  4. Create a Video
    If you're not a fan of staring in a video just yet, an image series in a video is still possible. You can add text, music and video clips to one file that you can upload to YouTube and embed on your website. You'll still be able to relay your message via video without having to dust off your acting skills. Try using Animoto.
  5. Create a Quiz
    Whether it's just for fun, or for educational purposes, a quiz is a fun way to share your message in your blog space. Remember to keep it relevant, and always keep your target market in mind. (So, no quizzes matching you with your celebrity crush unless your target audience is really invested in this information.)
  6. Create a Step-By-Step Guide
    A blog offering a step-by-step guide is a great way to offer value to your audience. Use screenshots, pictures or even that video we were talking about to show your audience exactly how to do something that they are hoping to learn how to do.
  7. 7. Share Takeaways from Networking Events
    If you will be attending an upcoming awards ceremony, fundraiser or any other type of business event, bring a notebook with you and take some notes. Write a blog about your experience at this event, and share inspirational quotes and tips that may also motivate and assist your audience. Create an image series with each quote, and upload them to your blog for easy pinning and sharing.
  8. Conduct a survey
    A survey may actually be more helpful to you and your business, it's true. However, looking for ways to improve is beneficial to everyone - including your audience. Add a survey to your blog when you are stuck for ideas. Ask your readers about what they need to hear from you.

 With these ideas you're sure not only to entertain your audience, but also to provide them with meaningful information that will help them along their own journey. You'll also avoid the dreaded writer's block, which will help you maintain consistency with your inbound marketing efforts.

Remember that you can use similar topics and information in any number of formats noted above. Different people retain information in different ways.

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