8 Video Marketing Tips for Business Growth

June 28, 2016


Shannon_sticker_basic-e1445283460113-288x300.pngby Shannon Shields

Have you watched your first Facebook Live event yet? Last week, Buzzfeed hosted a live video event where more than 100,000 viewers watched in real time as the team took turns blowing up a giant balloon full of talcum powder until it popped. (For the record, it more than a half an hour.)

In that half an hour there were more than 80,000 comments, thousands of shares, and in the past 4 days, more than 4 million people have viewed the video.

While live video on social media is fairly new and exciting, video marketing online is not a new concept. Video marketing has, however been growing in popularity at high speeds over the last few years. Which of course, means that including video marketing in your content marketing strategy is vital to the success of businesses everywhere.

Here are 8 tips to help you get started with video marketing for your business:

1.Keep your videos short and concise. According to Hubspot, while only 5% of viewers stop watching a video after one minute, 60% will move on before 2 minutes.

2. Teach your audience something. Don't always be too promotional. Helping your audience learn something new will build trust and help them solve a problem they may be experiencing right now. After viewing a video, 64% are more likely to buy a product on line.

3. Show your businesses personality. According to YouTube, users watch more than 3 billion hours of video per month. Videos are a very effective way to relay your businesses message online, helping you to build relationships with your followers. Also, 80% of internet users can remember a video ad they watched in the past month; videos leave lasting impressions.

4. Offer helpful information about your product or service. Perhaps a quick demo, or a how-to. 90% of internet users say that seeing a video about a product is helps them make buying decisions.

5. Create videos from other content you've used in the past. Did you write a great blog last year that is still relevant? Make a video outlining the key points.  Did you know that 59% of executives prefer to view a video over reading a text ad or document?

6. Include videos in your content as often as you can. Video consumption rises by 100% every single year according to YouTube. If they're not watching your video, who's are they watching?

7. Add videos to your emails. Doing so can increase your click through rate by up to 300%.

8. Don't just upload videos to YouTube, embed them on your website also. This could increase the time spent on your site by up to 88%. Embedding a video on a landing page as been noted to increase conversion rates by 80%.

So don't be shy. Start incorporating video marketing into your overall marketing strategy if you've doing so already.

 Don't forget to analyze your results regularly.

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