Finding The Formula for Success through Online Marketing in Halifax

August 27, 2011

As a business attempts to succeed in the online environment, there is a growing demand associated with having access to high-quality marketing solutions. The Internet is an overwhelming marketplace for many consumers as they have to filter through thousands of potential websites in order to buy a specific good or service. Rather than relying on hope for consumers to find your business, take proactive solutions with small business Halifax online marketing that can prove highly beneficial when trying to create a path for consumers to follow in order to discover your website.

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SEO with Squidoo

August 23, 2011

In a nutshell, Squidoo is free space on the internet - similar to a blog - to use as you wish. Anyone can make a lens (a page on Squidoo) and have exposure on the internet for free.

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Use Social Media with Caution...Or Else...

August 17, 2011

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Growing Your Business Online with Press Releases

August 04, 2011

This is truly a gem of a marketing strategy, and very few business owners are using it. Press releases get ranked very quickly by the search engines, so in a very short time you could be getting a lot of free traffic to your website and/or your retail location from your press releases. So, you definitely want to write press releases about your business and submit them to these free web sites.

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