Your Community Online: Volume 2

July 27, 2012

Originally published in Local Connections Halifax, Summer 2012 Edition

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To Scan or Not to Scan: The Benefits of QR Codes (for Consumers)

July 16, 2012

Originally Published in the July 2012 Edition of Ideas for the Home Magazine

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Social Media Trends: Pinterest, Google Plus and More

July 09, 2012

A Brief Look at the Pinterest Trend

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Following Social Media Trends

July 02, 2012

Social Media is NOT a trend. Well, at least not in every sense of the word. Is it popular? Absolutely. Is it a tendency that will only last for a brief moment in history? Definitely not. I’m confident it’s here to stay. In what form is impossible to predict with certainty, of course…its evolution is still in infancy.

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