Why It's Essential for Franchises to Have a Solid Internet & Social Media Usage Policy

February 28, 2013

An Internet and Social Media usage policy is a written document established by the franchisor and agreed to in writing by franchisees and corporate employees. Its intention is to identify acceptable and prohibited uses of the Internet, including Social Media. More basically, this is a set of ground rules franchisees and employees must follow in order to use the Internet and Social Media when they are part of the franchise team.

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Creating a Franchise Internet Marketing & Social Media Model

February 18, 2013

Create a Franchise Internet Marketing and Social Media Model

In order to set your franchise system and your franchisees up for long-term online success, it’s crucial to create a well-defined franchise internet marketing model that identifies how the Internet will be used in marketing and who is responsible for various components of that process.

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How to Handle Twitter: Some Quick Tips to Help You Engage Better

February 11, 2013

Originally Published in the Winter 2013 Edition of Local Connections Halifax

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Is Your Brand a Franchise Social Media Mess?

February 05, 2013

Franchise social media can be problematic.

In our line of business, we see this all the time.

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