2016 Social Media Resolutions for Business

December 19, 2015

By Shannon Shields

Many view the beginning of a new year as the perfect time to make a positive, often challenging, change in their lives. From exercise and diet to saving money, there are many great new personal habits we can teach ourselves with the right amount of motivation. The same is true for your business. January is the perfect time to commit to some social media new year resolutions for your business and to build some positive professional habits that will support your online presence and business growth overall.

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Franchise Online Brand Management in 5 Steps

December 16, 2015

Franchise online brand management can mean the difference between success and obliteration for franchises in the 21st century.

Many franchises neglect their franchise online brand management, and the results can be very harmful to business growth.

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Online Marketing for Business Growth

December 15, 2015

by Frances Leary

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Franchise Social Media Management Tips

December 10, 2015

Franchise social media management is a crucial element in the success of every franchise.

However, many franchises do not have a system for managing their franchise social media effectively. Often this is because they grew quickly and (frankly) forgot about it. Sometimes they made the assumption that franchisees could take care of it without worry. In other situations they simply don't know where to start, so they haven't begun at all.

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Importance of a Cohesive Franchise Internet Marketing Strategy

December 07, 2015

Why is it important to have a cohesive franchise Internet marketing strategy?

Simple. Franchises are most successful when they have an overall system that can be easily duplicated over and over again with the opening of every new franchise location. Every part of business growth should be part of that duplicatable system, including these elements and more:

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Successful Franchise Online Brand Management

December 03, 2015

Successful franchise online brand management looks different to every franchise.

For some, it means maintaining everything through corporate channels: franchise social media, websites, PPC, and all online communication.

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Nova Scotia Online Marketing for Business Growth

December 02, 2015

Using Nova Scotia Online Marketing for Business Growth of the Region

by Frances Leary

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