Managing Facebook for Franchise Social Media

February 25, 2016

Tips for Managing Facebook as part of a Franchise Social Media Strategy

by Frances Leary

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B Corp Social Media: A Force for Good

February 22, 2016

Tips for Using Your B Corp Social Media as a Force for Good

by Frances Leary

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Incorporate LinkedIn into Your Franchise Social Media Strategy

February 17, 2016

Learn more about how to use LinkedIn as part of your franchise social media strategy.

By Shannon Shields

If you're a franchisor, you know that your franchisees have an incredible skill set, including business acumen, work ethic, leadership and so much more. If you're a franchisee, I've probably only scratched the surface in that description, but I'm sure you can identify. With all that any franchise business owner has to do in the run of a day it's hard to imagine finding the motivation to engage on LinkedIn, but the truth is leveraging this networking site can lead to exceptional growth, if done right. In fact, all who are involved in the sales process for your franchise organization can be making LinkedIn work for them, and you.

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Getting Started with Inbound Marketing

February 16, 2016

6 Steps for Launching an Inbound Marketing Campaign

by Frances Leary

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Franchise SEO for Websites: Landing Pages or Microsites

February 12, 2016

Are microsites or landing pages better for franchise SEO?

This can prove to be much more of a challenge with franchises than with traditional one-location businesses because very often franchise internet marketing involves the management of many different websites or landing pages in order to represent each local franchise.

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10 Simple Ways to Use Social Media for Positive Impact

February 09, 2016

As many B Corporations will tell you, social media can be a powerful tool for affecting positive change. 

When you approach social media with the intention of using it as a force for good, you become aware of how your posts may impact others.

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SEO Tips for Inbound Marketing

February 05, 2016

by Frances Leary

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Importance of Location Consistency in Online Marketing

February 01, 2016

Learn How Location Consistency Impacts Online Marketing

In this video, our president Frances Leary explains why it's so important that you keep all your contact information consistent online.

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