Wired Flare with B Corp Volunteers at Growing Gardens

September 23, 2016

On Thursday, September 22, B Corporations from Colorado gathered to participate in a B of Service volunteer day in support of Growing Gardens in Boulder. The overcast day was a perfect setting for weeding, painting, and great comeraderie.

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Why You Should Avoid Connecting Your Social Media Accounts

September 15, 2016

by Shannon Shields

I know what you're thinking... "wow, this is efficient!"

You've just discovered that you can create links from Instagram to Facebook, Facebook to Twitter, and so on. Then, the post your share on Instagram magically feeds through to Facebook with no extra effort on your part! Woah.

Sure, the shortcut seems like a super way to save time and reach as many members of your social media audience as possible, but it's definitely NOT effective.

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Make Franchise Social Media Part of Your Duplicatable System

September 13, 2016

In this video, Frances Leary discusses why it's so important to make sure that franchise social media is part of your duplicatable marketing system. Many franchises have all of their operations and marketing systems setup in a way that franchisees can easily duplicate it. However, often social media is neglected and left for the franchisees to figure out on their own.

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Exploring the Parameters of Ethical Marketing

September 09, 2016

What are the parameters of ethical marketing?

by Frances Leary

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Legally Sourcing Audio for Content Marketing

September 06, 2016

by Frances Leary
Adapted from the original article posted on FrancesLeary.com

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Increase Social Media Engagement with Hashtags

September 01, 2016

Use Hashtags as Keywords to Increase Social Media Engagement

In this video, Frances identifies some hashtag no-no's. For example...the common practices of stringing many words together to make an extremely large long hashtag... #AvoidThisAtAllCosts! There are other major hashtag mistakes to avoid, as well.

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