Constructing Your Yellow Brick Road

June 19, 2017

The road we're traveling isn't always a yellow brick one with a clear path to follow. Sometimes we have to carve our own way. So much of entrepreneurship is carving your own path. However, it's a soaring feeling when, if even for a few moments, you find yourself able to follow the yellow brick road that others have laid out before you.

We find those yellow brick roads in management processes, hiring practices, marketing systems and more. Sometimes there really isn't a need to blaze your own path. Sometimes there's huge value in following in the footsteps of those successful entrepreneurs who have gone before you.

When it comes to social media, there are so many roads diverging in the woods that it's often very hard to know what to do.

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Avoiding the Fake News Phenomenon on Social Media

June 07, 2017

Recent government leadership has made the term "fake news" a very well-known expression. Regardless of its recent rise to fame, the concept of fake news has been a reality for some time, or perhaps even since the first people began telling stories. The rise of social media, however, has changed the nature of these stories because all of us around the world can share what we perceive to be as true without any fact-checking whatsoever. While one would hope our sources are reliable, that simply isn't always the case.

Like reports of spiders in the bananas at Costco, the urban legends that were once relegated to friend-of-a-friend tales being told around campfires now pop up on social threads regularly. Fortunately, we do have sites like Snopes that enable those who take the time to do some fact-checking to see whether the latest report of clear parasites found in water bottles is, in fact, true (which it isn't).

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