Building a B Corp Social Media Strategy

May 26, 2016


Frances_Headshot2015_sticker_basic.pngby Frances Leary

Building a B Corp social media strategy is a key component in serving your audience. As a certified B Corporation, your purpose is to use business as a force for good - to benefit the planet and the people you serve while driving profit. An effective B Corp social media strategy will support this purpose in a way that could generate impact beyond any other medium.

As you build your strategy, here are the most important elements to consider:

Communicate Your Core Values

The first step in building your online brand is thoroughly understanding your organization's core values. Everyone in your organization should internalize the answers to these questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What is your deepest purpose?

Tell Your Story

Understanding your core values is step one in being able to tell your story. Your story, however, goes beyond your core values and extends to how you grew to do what you do and how you uniquely serve your audience while making the world a better place. Ask yourself these questions:

  • How did we come to develop the products/services we offer and the process by which we deliver them?
  • How do we do what we do in a unique way that serves our audiences and has a positive impact on the world around us?
  • Who are the people whose passions have brought them together for our common cause, and what are their stories that brought them here?

Leverage Your B Corp Certification

Being a certified B Corporation sets you apart from hundreds, thousands, and maybe more organizations who do "the same" thing as what you do - only they don't do the "same thing" as what you do. You stand for more. Your products or services may look similar to the outside. However, upon a closer look they're very driven. They are created or built or delivered in a way that affects positive change in the world. Consider this:

  • What prompted you to seek B Corp Certification?
  • How has being a certified B Corporation changed your business?
  • How are you engaged on an ongoing basis with the B Corp community?

Seek to Use Social Media for Good to Benefit Your Audience

Beyond using your social channels to show the "you" that sets you apart via your core values, your story and your B Corp certification, your primary purposes in using social as a B Corp should be to help the audience that you serve. Ask your team these questions?

  • What problems are our audience experiencing right now that require our expertise to solve?
  • How can we help solve those problems for them right now and over time - just because we want to help and without any strings attached?
  • What information/content can we offer that would achieve the above without giving everything that we do away for free?

Even though the first 3 elements need to be addressed first in order of operations, seeking to use social media to benefit your audience is truly the most important part of your overall B Corp online marketing strategy.

There are many ways to incorporate the elements above into your online communication. For example:

  • Tell your personal team stories with videos or photos with quotes.
  • Create a "why us" series that highlights your core values.
  • Add the B Corp logo to your content.
  • Use the hashtag #BTheChange in your conversations.
  • Create a series of tips for your audience.
  • Celebrate the success of other B Corps and what they are doing to make the world a better place.
  • Write original articles are curate articles from other sources that solve some pains your audience is experiencing right now.
  • Listen to what your audience is saying about you or to you and talk back. Answer their questions and start building relationships.
  • Don't be afraid to highlight your successes and be proud of your accomplishments.
  • Link to other sources that also support the same end goal that you have (ex: non-profits that serve your same deeper purpose)
  • Use multi-media - lots of multi-media. This will personalize the experience with your audience and help them understand you in a deeper way.

From here, you can follow the steps outlined here to simply your social media strategy overall. You can also use this as a foundation to implement B Corp inbound marketing.

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