Creating Social Media Magic

March 07, 2016

Frances - Jellyfish - Magic in Social Media


by Frances Leary

Magic in Social Media?

You got that right.

On a recent trip to Toronto to do some work for a client, Kris and I stopped by the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada in Toronto to see what kind of content we could create there. It was a landmine.

Not only did we get to play with sharks...

Kris and shark - magictoronto shark magic

We also found ourselves looking on in awe at a sea of jelly fish. Glow in the dark jellyfish, to be exact. It reminded me at that moment just how much magic truly is around us at all times. We simply have to look for it.

The same holds true for social media. As we develop our content marketing strategies, it is important also to be present in the moment so you can grab hold of whatever magic presents itself. 

Sharing the magic makes it easier to use social media for positive change. It makes it...well, magic.

This is our first video in the series shot in at the aquarium. Enjoy the magic.


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