Define Your Core Purpose

October 26, 2016


Shannon_sticker_basic-e1445283460113-288x300.pngby Shannon Shields

Does your organization have a well defined core purpose? One that is understood and embraced by everyone in your organization, and is also evident in your overall brand messaging?


In the book, Built to Last, Jim Collins and Jerry Poras identify 5 important characteristics of an organization's core purpose. They include:

• It’s inspiring to those inside the company.

• It’s something that’s as valid 100 years from now as it is today.

• It should help you think expansively about what you could do but aren’t doing.

• It should help you decide what not to do.

• It’s truly authentic to your company.

With these points in mind, ask yourself the following 5 questions to help you define, and clearly relay the message of, your organization's core purpose:


Use your core purpose to develop your content marketing strategy for great engagement results!

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