Exploring the Province through Nova Scotia Social Media

January 15, 2016


The Flavour of the Province through Nova Scotia Social Media

Frances Leary - avatarby Frances Leary

Nova Scotia is a province filled with rich culture and tradition. Its music, arts and film set it apart from other regions of the world. It turns out that if you look closely enough, you can also see a very unique personality through Nova Scotia social media.

Nova Scotians and visitors alike can experience a bit of Canada's Ocean Playground just by logging onto Twitter or Facebook. In fact, some businesses build their social media strategy around localized Nova Scotia online marketing.

There are many channels for you to enjoy. As a start, however, here are a few of my favourite places to go on social media to get a dose of Nova Scotia local flavour:

 1. Nova Scotia Tourism


The Nova Scotia Tourism channels on Facebook and Twitter consistently provide tasty morsels of the province. They take visitors wandering from one corner to the other with images and videos highlighting local establishments and local flare.

2. Peter Zwicker - a.k.a. "The Lunenburger"


As he describes it, "The Lunenburger speaks through his photography," - Bacalao Photography. His Twitter and Facebook feeds are magic. They offer visitors a photograpic mosaic of Nova Scotia's beauty.


3. Taste of Nova Scotia


The Taste of Nova Scotia Facebook and Twitter feeds are a culinary delight, visually allowing you to "taste your way through the beautiful province of Nova Scotia." They showcase local eateries, drinkeries and events with Nova Scotia fare.


4. Nova Scotia Web Cams

Through snapshopts of live webcams stationed throughout the province, the Facebook and Twitter profiles offer "Fresh See Food for Nova Scotia Lovers" - from traffic reports to a majestic ocean sunrise and even little critters caught through a webcam lens. You can easily get a feel for Nova Scotia by going through these posts.


5. Argyle Fine Art


While this is only one of the many galleries in Nova Scotia, its Facebook and Twitter feeds consistently depict the work of Nova Scotia artists. It is inspiring to scroll through and share in the imagination of these talented artists.



Some others you may want to check out (while visually they are not as stimulating to me, they have great information about what's happening in Nova Scotia):

Of course depending on your interests, you may find any number of Nova Scotia social media channels that suit your fancy. For me, however, when I need to feel connected to the province and be reminded of its majesty, these are the online places I go.

Enjoy. :)