Getting Started with Inbound Marketing

February 16, 2016


6 Steps for Launching an Inbound Marketing Campaign

Frances_Headshot2015_sticker_basic.pngby Frances Leary

There is a lot that can go into developing and implementing the use of inbound marketing methodology within your organization. It is a very thorough approach for attracting your audience to you by giving them information that they need in the form of valuable content. It's a process that converts strangers into visitors into leads into customers into advocates.

However, if you're eager to start putting some of the principles to work for you right away, these basics will get you started.

  1. First develop a content offer.
    This should be a simple document (saved as a PDF or even a video) that provides helpful information your audience needs right now in order to solve a basic problem they are experience. This shouldn't be too detailed, but it should be able to help them in the immediate future.

  2. Second, create a landing page.
    This is where you promote the benefits of the content offer that you've created - why they need it and help them.

  3. On your landing page, make sure you have a form.
    You want to require visitors to fill out this form in order to access the content you've created for them.

  4. Promote the landing page.
    In order to get visitors to your landing page, you need to invite them to it. You can do this by sharing links to your landing page on your social media channels. You can also write blogs that are related to the content you address in your offer, and you can share those on our social channels as well. Just make sure that at the bottom of your blog, you have a call-to-action that drives blog readers to your landing page. Also, make sure that your blogs are optimized with proper SEO techniques.

  5. Give them the offer.
    Once a visitor has filled out the form, you need to make the content offer accessible to them right away. You can do this by creating a thank you page that has the offer available for download, or you could send them a follow-up email with the offer available as well. You could also do both, which is typically the best practice.

  6. Follow up.
    Now that you have a contact who has filled out your form to access your content, you want to start nurtuing the relationship you have with that lead. You can do this by sending helpful emails and by creating additional offers that they will find valuable. 

That, in a nutshell, will help you get started with inbound marketing. You can implement a more robust process further down the line. For now, focus on what content you can create that will bring value to your audience....and start creating. 


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