How to Integrate Halifax Social Media into Local Marketing Efforts

January 26, 2016


Frances_Headshot2015_sticker_basic.pngProper use of Halifax social media can boost your local marketing efforts.

Marketing multi-faceted, and most business growth requires that a marketing plan include a variety of initiatives that will work together to propel growth.

In order to maximize potential for growth, social media should be utilized not only as part of a Halifax Internet marketing strategy, but integrated into overall marketing efforts.

Networking, tradeshows, branded collateral, radio or TV spots, billboards and more….when you combine these efforts with social media, the potential results multiply. Here are some examples of how you can incorporate social media into your local marketing efforts.

  • Networking: When you attend a local networking event, make sure you are also “attending it” via social channels. Use event-related hashtags. Tag the organizers of the event and other businesses you connect with there. Take photos or videos and share those as well. Make it a virtual networking event along with a local one.
  • Tradeshows: When you exhibit at a tradeshow, treat it as you would a networking event above, and make it a virtual experience. Take photos of your tradeshow exhibit and share them. Take photos of people visiting your booth as well as neighboring exhibitors. Tag organizers and other exhibitors, and use the event hashtag whenever you can.
  • Branded Collateral: When you get new brochures, business cards, t-shirts or any other branded collateral created, make sure to show it off on your social channels. You can even get the audience involved in the creative stage by having them vote on what choices they like best. Use your more “fun” collateral as giveaways on your social channels. Also, make sure that all of your branded collateral also directs people to your social channels.
  • Radio or TV: Anytime you have the opportunity to get radio or TV exposure, leverage that through social channels to create evergreen content. Ask for the original recordings so you can distribute over and over again. Make a big deal about it, and have fun. Tag the stations in all of your posts so that they will share it, as well. Also, ask if during the radio or TV spot they will also include links or mentions that direct people to visit your social channels.
  • Billboards: If you have physical billboards that people can see around town, make sure they are consistent with your social channels. Use the same imagery in your social page banners. Get the audience involved by giving out prizes when they snap and share photos of your billboard (make sure to promote driving safety, of course). Also make sure your billboard has social icons on it so that drivers-by can easily find out how to connect with you via social.

The bottom line is that social media is just one piece of the pie, and that when you put it all together, you will increase your visibility, brand recognition, traffic and growth. Use your Nova Scotia social media communication as part of your online and offline marketing efforts.

Have fun with your online engagement and you’ll soon find (if you don’t know already) that it’s one of the most valuable tools in your toolbox.

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