Importance of a Cohesive Franchise Internet Marketing Strategy

December 07, 2015


Why is it important to have a cohesive franchise Internet marketing strategy?

Simple. Franchises are most successful when they have an overall system that can be easily duplicated over and over again with the opening of every new franchise location. Every part of business growth should be part of that duplicatable system, including these elements and more:

  • Sales
  • HR
  • Customer service
  • Marketing

Very often franchisors neglect to include the Internet marketing strategy as part of the overall franchise system.

Sometimes this is because it is simply overlooked. Sometimes this is because it’s not considered to be an essential piece of the foundation of franchise growth. Sometimes it is left to the franchisees to manage on their own because “it is their business.”

We explored that issue in a previous blog: Should Franchisee Social Media Efforts be Supported by Franchisors

Franchise social meda, in fact, is a big part of the overall online presence of a franchise. That has to be factored into the equation.

The reality is that without implementing a franchise Internet marketing strategy for the entire franchise, the brand can suffer much negative impact.

  • Customers can be neglected (more and more are turning to online communication to have customer service issues resolved)
  • Improper use of branding can misrepresent the franchise
  • Increased negative reviews
  • Inappropriate customer response

In fact, sometimes a franchise can simply be a real mess online

The first step to an effective franchise Internet marketing strategy is to find out what you actually look like online right now. Then you can plan the course of action you need to take to develop a duplicatable system that will serve your entire franchise.

  • Take a look at what your franchisees are doing online.
  • See where you rank in Google searches for yoru local markets.
  • Look at the images and content being shared about your franchise.
  • Find out whether your customers' questions are being answered.

There’s no better time than now to take that first step. 

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