Looking for New Talent

August 18, 2016


Wired Flare is looking for new creative and tech-savvy talent to join our growing team. 

All positions are part time, and freelance contracts are ideal.

The successful candidate(s) will:

  • Be creative and able to think outside the box
  • Be a team player
  • Be a storyteller at heart
  • Share in the vision of the company and be passionate about using business as a force for good

The following roles could be fulfilled by one or more new team members:

Social Content Distributor

The team member who fills this role will be responsible for using Hootsuite (and also potentially Hubspot or other social distribution platforms) to schedule and distribute content to social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Instagram.

This will take approximately 15 hours per month. 

Social Content Calendar Creator

The team member who fills this role will be responsible for putting pre-written and designed content into a calendar schedule from which content can then be distributed.

This will take approximately 13 hours per month.

Report Creator

The team member who fills this role will be responsible for gathering data and compiling data into reports. Data will be gathered primarily from two report sources, snipped and then pasted into a specified report format. Attention to detail is required.

This will take approximately 10 hours per month. THESE TASKS MUST ALL BE COMPLETED WITHIN A 2-DAY PERIOD ON THE 1ST AND 2ND OF EVERY MONTH.

Social Monitoring and Client Service Provider

The team member who fills this role will be responsible for monitoring social channels some evenings and a couple of weekends per month. This is something that can be done relatively casually and involves checking email every hour and then responding as per protocol in any given situations.

While this role would be responsible for monitoring approximately two nights per week and two weekends per week, the time necessary to do this task is likely less than 6 hours per month of actually checking emails and taking action.

The successful new team member(s) will be paid for the project overall rather than by the hour, and compensation will vary depending on where the new team member is located.

To express interest, please send an email to info@wiredflare.com along with a resume and a letter expressing which roles interest you.