SEO for LinkedIn: Use Keywords in Your Profile

May 30, 2016


by Frances Leary

Keywords are one of the most important - and most often ignored - tool in using LinkedIn for business growth. Long-tail keywords can be some of the most effective phrases to incorporate.

First, it is important to setup your LinkedIn profile. As part of that, you want to incorporate keywords in some key places:

  • headline
  • summary
  • job description
  • skills

Doing this will lead to higher rankings on LinkedIn and on Google overall. Your profile will become more visible to LinkedIn users, and your profile views will increase. It's also then easier for people who are searching for the products or services you offer to find you.

Once you have your profile setup, here are 9 steps for using LinkedIn successfully.

Below, hear from our president Frances Leary as she describes in more detail why it is so important to use keywords in your LinkedIn profile.



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