The Basics of B Corp Inbound Marketing

May 09, 2016


Frances_Headshot2015_sticker_basic.pngUnderstand the basics of B Corp Inbound Marketing

by Frances Leary

The underlying principle of becoming a certified B Corporation is the dedication to using business to do good - to benefit people and the planet in a positive way. 

Inbound marketing in a nutshell has this at its course - bringing value to your audience, serving them in a way that ultimately attracts them to you because you are consistently doing good for them. 

As a B Corp, the approach to all marketing initiatives really stems from this: How can I tell my story in a way that brings value to my audience and helps them right now? Launching a B Corp inbound marketing campaign is a powerful way to accomplish this because it focuses on creating content that will benefit the people you serve while also generating leads that will ultimately turn into your customers.

Here's how it works.

First, consider what your audience really needs from you right now. What is a "pain" they are feeling in business? Then, think of information or help you can provide that would enable your audience to reduce that pain right now without giving away the farm.

Once you have identified some help you can provide, consider how you can package it in a way that will best deliver that information to the people you serve. This could be through a product such as:

  • ebook
  • white paper
  • checklist
  • video tutorial
  • audio download
  • etc.

After creating the product above, you'll want to create a landing page to promote this free help you want to give. Now here's where you can start considering how you make this work for you, too. By adding a form on the page that requires your audience to enter their name and email address, you can start generating leads. Once you have leads, you can begin strengthening your relationships with those leads by providing them with even more useful content along the way.

You'll also want to incorporate blogging into your inbound marketing strategy.This serves a number of different purposes, including:

  • It provides you a way to share more information that will ultimately lead people back to your content offer and generate leads.
  • It allows you to create more valuable content that will benefit your audience right now.

If you then incorporate SEO strategies into the process, you'll begin to capture organic search traffic that will also benefit from the information you're sharing.

B Corp inbound marketing has the potential to magnify the ways in which you use your business to do good because it creates a process by which you consistently create new content with the intention of benefiting the people you serve. By building your B Corp online marketing strategies around inbound processes, you will attract more of your audience to you because you're already out there helping them when they need you most: right now.

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