SEO for LinkedIn: Use Keywords in Your Profile

May 30, 2016

by Frances Leary

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Using LinkedIn Endorsements in Your Social Media Strategy

April 18, 2016

by Frances Leary

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Incorporate LinkedIn into Your Franchise Social Media Strategy

February 17, 2016

Learn more about how to use LinkedIn as part of your franchise social media strategy.

By Shannon Shields

If you're a franchisor, you know that your franchisees have an incredible skill set, including business acumen, work ethic, leadership and so much more. If you're a franchisee, I've probably only scratched the surface in that description, but I'm sure you can identify. With all that any franchise business owner has to do in the run of a day it's hard to imagine finding the motivation to engage on LinkedIn, but the truth is leveraging this networking site can lead to exceptional growth, if done right. In fact, all who are involved in the sales process for your franchise organization can be making LinkedIn work for them, and you.

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9 Steps for Using LinkedIn Successfully

September 11, 2014

LinkedIn is the largest professional social networking site. It is a fantastic resource for networking, connecting with potential partners, investors and clients, and sharing your expertise.

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Leveraging LinkedIn Groups for Business Growth

August 13, 2014

by Frances Leary and originally published in Progress Magazine, Vol. 21, No. 3.

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Careful Use of LinkedIn Endorsements

March 07, 2013

LinkedIn now makes it very easy for users to endorse skills listed by their connections. Typically, as soon as you open your LinkedIn window, there it is...that box with four of your connections asking you to endorse them for specific skills.

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Tips for Improving Your LinkedIn Profile: Enhancing Your Profile Box

October 10, 2011

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking platform on the Internet today. It has over 100 million users, and it provides a wealth of resources to help professionals connect and grow their businesses.

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