How Twitter Auto DMs are Destroying Your Online Brand Management

May 05, 2016

by Frances Leary

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How to Create a Twitter List for Better Online Marketing

May 02, 2016

by Shannon Shields

I haven't always loved Twitter. When I was first introduced to the platform I felt overwhelmed by the number of tweets flying my way.

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The Benefits of Twitter Lists

November 05, 2015

In this video, Frances Leary describes some of the benefits of using Twitter lists for business. Twitter lists are often overlooked and very valuable for business. They allow you to connect with clients and prospects privately or publicly, and they cut through the often overwhelming Twitter noise.

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How to Handle Twitter: Some Quick Tips to Help You Engage Better

February 11, 2013

Originally Published in the Winter 2013 Edition of Local Connections Halifax

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Breaking the Link Between Facebook & Twitter

January 22, 2013

If your company still has its Facebook and Twitter pages linked so that Facebook posts go to Twitter or Twitter posts go to Facebook….

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Optimizing Your Twitter Hashtags

August 14, 2012

If you have a Twitter account, then you have undoubtedly seen words preceded by the infamous # or hashtag, as it’s called. Hashtags provide a way for Twitter users to categorize their tweets so they can be found in tweet searches.

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Using Lists for Networking on Twitter

June 25, 2012

Creating lists on Twitter can make it easier to network with specific groups of people.

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Using Twitter for Customer Service Results

December 06, 2011

Recently I found myself on the "consumer" end of using Twitter to solve some customer service issues.

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