Use Social Media Content Schedules for Better Online marketing.

June 30, 2016


Heather_headshot2_sticker_basic-1.pngBy Heather Gillis

Do you create a content schedule to plan your social media posts in advance?

Every business should be using a social media content schedule in their online marketing strategy. Here are few reasons why your business should use a social media content schedule.

Saves Time

Do you go to your social media page to share a post? That takes time away from other business tasks you can be doing.  A content schedule saves you time by allowing you to schedule content ahead of time. Once scheduled, all you have to focus is on monitoring and responding to any social customer service issues that arise.

Variety of Content

Your social media channels should share a variety of types of content. Share videos, images, and links to your website as well as trusted sources. By creating a content schedule, you will be able publish high-quality, high performing content pieces consistently.

Consistency across Social Channels

It will help prevent you from only posting to one social network and neglecting another. More often than not, businesses post consistently to one social network while barely posting to another. Make sure you post on all of your business’ relevant social networks.            

Post at Optimal Times

By creating a schedule, you will be able to schedule your content when your target market is online. This will make sure you post at the best time and from missing posting dates. Also, you will be able to decide how often you want to post on each social media network.

Analyze and Adapt

You can refer to the content to help you see what is performing, so you can upkeep content quality and consistency. By performing routine checks on what content is generating the most engagement by your audience, you can make adjustments to improve your online marketing strategy.

We suggest creating a monthly content schedule. This will allow you to record important metrics on your content and make any necessary changes regularly.

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