Why You Should share Employee/Partner Spotlight Interviews as Part of Your Online Marketing Strategy.

December 14, 2016


Shannon_sticker_basic-e1445283460113-288x300.pngby Shannon Shields

Among some of the many things that we complete for our clients on a monthly basis as part of their online marketing initiative, you'll find Spotlight Interviews written into blogs. Depending on the organization, these interviews are focused on either a staff member, a franchisee, a partner or even a local charity.

We often receive the same feedback from an owner who is approving the content before it is published: "This was so fun to read" or "I love how much I learn about our team when I read these."

The truth is, we love interviewing and writing these as well, which is why we recommend that you pick up a similar practice for your online marketing strategy. Not only will your team get to know each other better internally, but your potential and existing clients will too. Here are 5 more reasons to start spotlight interview blogging for your organization today:

It tells a part of your organizations story
Depending on your organization, how each team member came to be there may have a very interesting story that lends to the overall story of your business. Sharing these stories helps your audience really understand who you are.

It creates a personal connection between your readers and your organization
People want to do business with people. When you highlight the real people who are part of your organization you will be building rapport with your audience.

Highlighting those on your team positively reflects well on your organization
When you take the time to appreciate your team publically you demonstrate what is likely one of your overall businesses values for all to see. Who wouldn't want to do business with an organization that shows appreciation and support for its team members?

It will boost team morale
It's no secret. When your team members feel valued they are more committed to your organization and its success. Customer service and internal productivity, among other things, will be positively affected. Also, your initiative of spotlight interview blogging will help to bring your team members closer to each other, making for a much more enjoyable work environment.

It will help you attract and retain great talent and partnerships
Customers aren't the only ones who want to do business with real people, other businesses do as well. Help them get to know who they could be working with and for!

So get started with your spotlight blogging as part of your online marketing strategy today. Start with one per month and you'll be happy you did!

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