Wired Flare with B Corp Volunteers at Growing Gardens

September 23, 2016

Growing Gardens - B of Service - B Corp

On Thursday, September 22, B Corporations from Colorado gathered to participate in a B of Service volunteer day in support of Growing Gardens in Boulder. The overcast day was a perfect setting for weeding, painting, and great comeraderie.

Every year certified B Corporations in Colorado organize a B of Service day in order to contribute more to local communities and extend our corporate social responsibility. It is also a great time for members of B Corp organizations to get to know each other and learn more about how they can support each other on an ongoing basis.

This year's non-profit of choice was Growing Gardens

Their Mission: "To cultivate community through sustainable urban agriculture."
Their Vision: "People experiencing a direct and deep connection with food, the land and each other."

Growing Gardens provides space for community gardens and the children's peace garden. It also offers community classes. They describe themselves on their website in this way:

Growing Gardens is a Boulder-based non-profit organization established in 1998. Growing Gardens mission is to enrich the lives of our community through sustainable urban agriculture. Growing Gardens envisions people experiencing a direct and deep connection with plants, the land and each other. Through its many gardening-based programs, Growing Gardens strives to reach gardeners and would-be gardeners of all ages to work alongside the organization and build community through urban agriculture.

It was a fantastic day of networking and service, and it was a privilege for Wired Flare to be part of it. Enjoy some pictures from the event:

IMG_9873.jpg  IMG_9881.jpg   IMG_9872.jpg   

IMG_9852.jpg  IMG_9868.jpg

IMG_9855.jpg  IMG_9864.jpg


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